REVIEW: Example at the Norfolk Spectacular

Dressed in black and with sunglasses down, Example swaggered confidently around the main stage at Norfolk Spectacular on Saturday afternoon.

The 29-year-old, real name Elliot Gleave, had been one of the most discussed acts before the event with many online listing him as one of their most anticipated acts - and within minutes of him striding on to stage it was clear to see why.

But rather than headlining the event, the singer was actually on stage just before 4pm, with five acts due to follow him on stage.

However, the Londoner was clearly in a mood to make sure that his name was on everyone's lips when the music stopped some six hours later.

Within no time he had the crowd of thousands jumping and cheering with everyone's hands in the air to his string of hits - which to be honest was considerably stronger than I had realised.

Among the early tunes in his set was Stay Awake - which after the midweek chart was on course to be the UK's number one single today.

He followed it with Shot Yourself In The Foot Again, again getting everyone to jump and cheer along.

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The shout of 'Hey, good morning!' had the crowd cheering again as Watch the Sun Come Up boomed out.

A competition to see who could jump the highest kick-started Won't Go Quietly as the hits continued to follow one after the other.

'I am enjoying this. Thank you all for coming out tonight,' he told the audience, who were clearly having as much fun as him.

A plug for his new album Playing in the Shadows, which is out tomorrow, was followed by a performance of the next single Natural Disaster, which was well received.

Then it was time for a blockbuster finish with arguably his two most well-known songs as Kickstarts was followed by Changed the Way You Kiss Me - which he introduced by saying it would be 'the best song you will hear all day'.

Thanking the crowd he confidently stated 'you can all go home', and as many meandered away for a food and drink break, thousands were left convinced that his confidence was well placed.

The message to those on stage afterwards…beat that if you can.