Review: Enter Shikari

Amid the clouds of sweat slowly rising to the ceiling in the LCR, Enter Shikari delivered a high-powered performance.

It was packed tight with some of their oldies - such as Return to Energiser and Labyrinth from the heavy metal days - and some of the newer tunes introducing synthesizers, samples and remixes from their album Tribalism - such as Destabilise, No Sleep Tonight and Juggernauts (Blue Bear's True Tiger Remix) hailing from the dubstep sound which is growing on the band (and it works). Through exploring the electronic genre the band have created a hybrid sound that just suits them.

It's as though if four other musicians tried to put the two together it just wouldn't work, and that's what makes Enter Shikari.

The two support bands - Let Live and Your Demise - (both on the metal genre scene), lacked the edge that gave their sound a uniqueness.

They both performed with energy and vivacity, but where Enter Shikari use intricacy, dynamics and different sounds - the audience was left to pick out the different sounds from in among the clutter.

Despite this, the enthusiasm from the lead singer of Let Live went a long way with the crowd, throwing himself at every item on stage in his peripheral vision.

He had the masses pumped up and raring to go within minutes.

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But the years of experience are shining through brighter than ever for Enter Shikari now, because when you're comfortable enough to talk to the crowd about the tightness of your shoelaces, you know you suit the stage.

Jack Watson