Review: Circus Hilarious

Surely the best partnership in British Circus, father-and-son team Clive Webb and Danny Adams, return to the Hippodrome for their 10th Easter with a typically fast-paced, laugh-a-minute show.

The duo, who have announced they will also be returning to Great Yarmouth for their fifth summer season later in the year, are quite simply brilliant.

If you think you don't like clowns (and I am generally amongst your number) don't be put off in the slightest: this is slapstick with a really deft touch that genuinely had our whole family in fits of laughter.

This year's show is packed with jokes, stunts and routines which give you a whole new respect for circus families who produce these high-octane shows twice a day, every day throughout an entire season.

Joined by Clive's other sons Johnny Marx and Michael Potts, the natural chemistry between the four is superb and aided by the fact you can tell they all enjoy trying to make each other laugh in addition to making their audience laugh.

While Johnny leads the all-clown rock band Clownforce (I particularly identified with the scene where he smashed a child's guitar to smithereens. How I have wanted to do the same thing myself on several occasions), Michael is another straight man for Danny. He's great: and he looks fantastic in a dress.

There's messy slapstick humour that will see the first few rows in the audience get a soaking, a chance for the audience to volunteer to take to the stage and plenty of opportunities to sing along.

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Additionally, there are some nice dance routines from the Circus Hilarious Dancers and some fabulous gymnastics from a talented trio who use each other's bodies as springboards and ladders to create some incredible acrobatic feats.

A review of the Hippodrome can never be complete without a mention of the real star of the show, the circus building itself, which remains my favourite building in Norfolk – atmospheric, glamorous and quirky, it's the perfect setting.

If you miss the circus this Easter, under no account should you miss it in the summer: in my house, summer doesn't start until we've been to the circus.

t Circus Hilarious is at the Great Yarmouth Hippodrome Circus until Thursday. Shows every day at 2.30pm and 6.30pm (April 12, 2.30pm show only). Tickets cost from �10 for children. For more details and to book tickets, call 01493 844172 or visit