Rescue rabbits are bouncing back to health

More than 70 rabbits rescued from a rat-infested shed near Norwich are recovering well – and continuing to multiply.

PACT Animal Sanctuary was contacted by the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital earlier this month after an elderly patient told nurses he had 30 rabbits that had not been fed or watered for two days.

Charity workers found dozens of rabbits, mainly large New Zealand Whites, in the dilapidated shed filled with junk at Holt Road, in Horsford.

The animals, including babies only a few days old, were living in cramped boxes on the floor and in rusty filing cabinets with little bedding and no hay.

Most of the female rabbits were pregnant, some had infected rat bites, others had diseases including syphilis and all had severe ear mites.

Within a day, four more babies had been born and new litters continue to arrive regularly.

The rabbits were taken to the PACT sanctuary at Woodrising, near Hingham, where an appeal has been launched to help cover the cost of caring for the influx of animals.

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A number of the rabbits will need to stay at the sanctuary for some time and 'bunny village' has had to be extended to house the newcomers.

After hearing of the rescue, the Pets at Home charity, Support Adoption For Pets, has donated �2,000 to neuter all the female rabbits, making them easier to re-home once they are well.

It is expected to cost another �1,200 to vaccinate the rabbits – not including the ones not yet born – and any not re-homed will need to be vaccinated again in six month's time.

The cost of food and care over the next six months is estimated to be at least �2,000, with vets bills, new equipment and extra staff time on top of that.

To make a donation or find out more about re-homing a rabbit, click on or telephone 01362 820775.

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