Reader letter: Exhibition at Norwich Castle well worth a visit

Staff at the Norwich Castle Museum setting up the Rembrandt exhibition Rembrandt: Lightening the Dar

Staff at the Norwich Castle Museum setting up the Rembrandt exhibition Rembrandt: Lightening the Darkness. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2017

The exhibition Rembrandt: Lighting the Darkness at Norwich Castle is well worth a visit says one of our readers.

Going regularly to the Norwich Castle Museum over the years to see the great exhibitions they have put on there I can report that the latest one that was on, 'Rembrandt: Lighting the Darkness' was yet another one well worth taking an exercise walk up the castle steps and slope to see.

Some of the past exhibitions understandably have had problems when not having a great number of exhibits to show in the large area available but this is certainly not the case with the Rembrandt exhibition because there were plenty of etchings plus one picture and other drawings to see.

I did notice that because many of the etchings were small in size and in very fine detail several people had brought with them hand held magnifying glasses to study the finer details more clearly.

My one moan is one that I make of all these wonderful exhibitions at the castle is of the low height on the wall of the written information shown with the items on show.

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Having problems with my eyes and having to put my glasses on to read them I found that most of them were far too low to clearly read for people like myself and others and now wonder if one day I shall have to bring a knee pad with me to read them.

•For more information on the Rembrandt exhibition, at Norwich castle until January 7 2018, click here.

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