Can I get a refund? Expert's advice on Covid cancellations

Consumer expert Martyn James advises on what to do if you need to get a refund on tickets after testing positive for Covid-19

Consumer expert Martyn James advises on what to do if you need to get a refund on tickets after testing positive for Covid-19 - Credit: Archant

With coronavirus cases continuing to climb across Norwich, people have been forced to ditch plans at the last minute.

Consumer expert Martyn James, of consumer firm Resolver, has an easy guide to your rights if an event is postponed or cancelled.

He explained how in this "rather complex day and age", there are alternative ways for folks to get money back.

"When you buy something from a business and click or confirm to commit, you're entering in to a contact - and if the T&Cs say you are entitled to a refund under certain circumstances, then the firm should honour that," he said.

He added that when events are cancelled or rescheduled - due to coronavirus or any other reason - people are entitled to a full refund but things get a bit trickier when isolation is thrown into the mix.

"When it's not the company's fault, you don't have an entitlement to a refund unfortunately. All you can do is see if you can negotiate with the company.

"If you get coronavirus and you've got some events on the horizon, try to sell your ticket back to the box office, or ask if they will issue you vouchers."

Martyn added: "But where there is a cancellation policy, then the fact of the matter is that they should be honouring these obligations. 

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"There's been a lot of backtracking from some businesses since lockdown, so arm yourself with a few screenshots and if they still refuse a refund, threaten them with the Small Claims Court."

But some business will issue full refunds to their patrons if there are coronavirus complications.

Norwich City Football Club has stated that it is able to refund the full price of a ticket to fans facing disruption.

A spokesman for the club confirmed ticket holders are able to get a refund ahead of kick-off on match days. If attending an away game, physical tickets will have to be returned, whereas tickets to home fixtures can be cancelled remotely.

If someone tests positive in the run up to a fixture, contact the ticket office at the earliest opportunity.

Theatres, such as the Theatre Royal and Maddermarket, said that although they don't process refunds, they welcome attendees to exchange their tickets for future shows.