READER’S REVIEW: The Kabeedies at Norfolk Spectacular

Enigmatic. Funny. Warm. Fuzzy. Cute. Utterly unique.

The Kabeedies took to a somewhat frosty Arena Stage on Saturday afternoon to play to a modestly sized audience.

Paradoxically, the weather outside was blisteringly hot and the festival party was in full swing.

Although the gorgeous weather and general pull of the open-air main stage acted as an antagonist to acts on the Arena Stage, The Kabeedies made it plain and simple for all to see that, from the outset, they were fully intent on having a good time and had no option but to take the audience with them.

From their opening song, they rapidly carved out a little party of their own asking the audience 'Is anybody here self-conscious? Then why aren't you dancing?'

It was a nice touch. And the previously stifled crowd shuffled their feet and nodded their heads along to the joviality that marked the rest of their performance.

Early in the set, the band played Palindromes; an ode, apparently, to the guitarist's parents.

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This song showcases the band's quirky harmonising style and displayed their unique delegation of vocal between them that works in perfect equilibrium.

This is punctuated and complimented by Katie Allard 's individual dance style which is as captivating and entertaining as the music itself.

She exudes energy from every note, twist and twirl and entwines herself into the songs. It makes you feel like you have run five marathons just watching her.

This band looked confident, happy and content throughout the whole set and had an unusual amount of stage presence.

Audience interaction was just right with each member of the band cheekily referring to acts on the main stage. Their influences aren't completely obvious which I truly loved about them. They're like nobody I have seen before and I think that should be celebrated.

The Kabeedies gave a tight, well rounded and humbled performance and really brought the Arena Stage. A job excellently done and well deserving winner of my performance of the day.