Reader poem: Take Me Out For Lunch

Great Yarmouth market place. Picture: James Bass

Great Yarmouth market place. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2014

We're looking for talented word-smiths who would like to see their poems in the Evening News. Here's our favourite from today...

When I awoke this morning my hubby he did shout

'It's such a lovely day dear, I would like to take you out.'

Well I don't get out that often so I had a little hunch

If he's gonna take me out then he can take me out for lunch.

So I get myself all ready and I put on my new top

It was three nine nine from Sainsburys

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Where I do my weekly shop

I love French food, Italian, Chinese and even Thai

Indians too hot for him and he won't even try.

Carluccios is lovely, even Zaks would be quite nice

I do like Jamie Oliver but he don't much like the price

Fab food is served at Cookies and the view is quite divine

Only problem there is, they won't sell you any wine.

I'm getting quite excited now I hope it's somewhere posh

And I'm really hungry, I could do with some nice nosh

Have you guessed where he is taking me?

Well, it's Great Yarmouth of course

We're having chips on the market

With some extra curry sauce.

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