Reader Letter: Why is only one part of Norwich lit up?

Tunnel of Light at the St Peter Mancroft church

Tunnel of Light at the St Peter Mancroft church - Credit: Archant

Here I am in Norwich, to see the Christmas lights. Norwich all 'lit up for Christmas'. Puzzled I stand, and look down St Stephens, it's all dark, not a light in sight.

I wander up to Bonds (John Lewis), no Christmas cheer there. I peek into Ber Street, then wander down Timber Hill — ah there are lights, are these the Norwich lights?

But where is the 'Tunnel of Light'?

A homeless man huddled in a doorway, head down, arms tight across his chest, trying to keep warm.

Gently I call him, he lifts his head — eyes sunken and sad.

I ask him about Norwich lights and without a word he just points a finger.

Following the direction of the finger I finally find Norwich City of Lights, so beautiful.

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The Forum, Tunnel of Light, changing colours of light at City Hall and right across the castle.

I'm still puzzled.

Why is only this part of Norwich lit up?

Visitors arriving see nothing — no cheer at St Stephens (where most coaches arrive).

No directions to where the city's festive lights are located.

J Erskine, Eaton