Reader Letter: Why is Norwich City Council obsessed with cyclists?

Pedestrians by the shops in Gentleman's Walk. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Pedestrians by the shops in Gentleman's Walk. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: copyright: Archant 2014

Not being content with ripping our beautiful city apart to allow for cycle lanes, I now read that Norwich City Council are putting forward proposals which would see cyclists permitted access to numerous central streets of the city, at all times.I cannot help but imagine council members sitting in their offices, pondering: 'Now, what shall we do today to cause disruption to our fine city?' Because, this is exactly what it will cause.

Cyclists, being allowed to ride in the opposite direction on one-way streets, for a start. I can only foresee accidents waiting to happen here. Do they not think the A&E Department at the NNUH is stretched enough, without asking for the trouble these proposals could potentially cause?

MORE: Norwich cyclists could be given access to more than 20 city centre streets including Gentleman's Walk and HaymarketIf this new idea takes place, not only will the pedestrians have to watch out for skateboarders and people using their mobile phones (who never seem to look where they are going) they will be dodging cyclists as well.

Since we are always reading about schemes to bring people into the city in order to boost trade, I would have thought the council would be doing all they could to attract shoppers, not deter them from entering, for fear of being run down by a wannabe Bradley Wiggins.

Norwich was the first city to pedestrianise streets. The definition of pedestrian, according to the Oxford Dictionary, means 'walking … for those on foot'. No mention here of cyclists then.

Why has the council suddenly become obsessed with cyclists, anyway? And, as a matter of interest, where are they all?

I, for one, am begging the council, please, please leave our fine city alone. I am sure you will be able to find some other worthy cause to apply your energies to, which would enhance our city centre further, not disrupt it.

Valerie Slaughter, Mulbarton