Reader letter: What’s the point of all the Norwich roadworks?

Roadworks in All Saints Green/Westlegate. Pic: Archant.

Roadworks in All Saints Green/Westlegate. Pic: Archant. - Credit: Archant

Hardly a day goes by that we do not hear of yet another traffic 'improvement' plan in the city, or, as appeared in a recent copy of the Evening News, the need to put right another 'oversight' by the Transport for Norwich committee.

As well as the incredible cost of the works in Tombland, we have had to endure the chaos in the area around John Lewis and the closure of Westlegate.

The question has to be asked, what are the benefits of all this work? I guess the majority of visitors or business owners would say, very few.

Can I please make, at this time, a heartfelt plea for the future to immediately abandon the ill thought-out, farcical proposal to close Prince of Wales Road to cars and make one of the narrowest roads in the city, Rose Lane, two way.

I cannot even begin to list the problems this would cause.

Anyone knowing or using the area can work it out for themselves.

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