Reader Letter: Tunelling may be the answer when it comes to the NDR

Work on the Norwich Northern Distributor Road. Picture: Nigel Pickover

Work on the Norwich Northern Distributor Road. Picture: Nigel Pickover - Credit: Archant

It makes complete sense to me for the NDR to join up with the A47 to the west of the city.

On the other hand, I understand people's concerns about the environmental impact.

In London at present, a miracle of engineering is seeing the Crossrail project thread its way through a maze of existing tunnels, so there is very real tunnelling expertise already in the country.

Has making the NDR and other bypasses disappear beneath the Norfolk countryside been considered?

It must certainly be more expensive than conventional road laying, but the impact on the landscape is virtually non-existent.

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Wildlife isn't affected, no-one's home needs to be blighted, farmers don't have to give up valuable land and so very little needs purchasing, thereby yielding a saving.

The road in the tunnel can run straight and level, which makes for more economical running.

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As they say, what's not to like?

Nicholas Dixey, The Normans, Rockland St. Mary

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