Reader letter: Transport for Norwich prone to errors

Cattle Market Street, Norwich. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Cattle Market Street, Norwich. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

I see that Transport for Norwich has made another 'oversight', though I would have thought that an eight-metre error in siting a traffic island falls rather more neatly into the category preferred of 'blunder' (EN October 4, page 13).

TFN seems rather prone to oversights/blunders. Should we be told exactly who is making them? If it was a company that needed to make a profit to survive, it would have gone under long ago.

But no, it continues on its merry way, scattering blunders around the city and taking an interminable amount of time to put them right (when they are put right, that is.)

I see that moving the traffic island will take 26 days. Wonderful. When the A93 was washed away near Ballater by flood water from the River Dee last winter, it took 19 days to design and construct a completely new stretch of road that fits seamlessly into the landscape.

If Transport For Norwich were on the job, I expect that it would be still unfinished nearly a year later.

I am beginning to believe that Transport For Norwich itself is an oversight. Or even a blunder. Can we get rid of it?