Reader letter: Time for us all to wake up

Protesters outside the public exhibition held at the Dussindale Centre on proposed ideas for the fut

Protesters outside the public exhibition held at the Dussindale Centre on proposed ideas for the future of Thorpe Woods. PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY - Credit: Archant Norfolk

Firstly, I would like to thank all those in the photograph who attended the orderly demonstration (myself included) outside The Dussindale Centre on Friday, July 15 to highlight and protest against the new proposed planning application by SCC (Socially Conscious Capital) to build 300 houses on Racecourse Plantation which forms part of Thorpe Woodlands.

Despite the claims of SCC, these woodlands are a Norfolk Wildlife Trust County Wildlife Site, rich in wildlife including the protected species of great crested newts and bats.

It is made up of thousands of native tree species which are of ecological importance and should remain untouched for our children and future generations to enjoy.

I am also somewhat sceptical of Andrew Simpson's (planner for the developers) letter (EN, July 16) in which he implies that the building of concrete roads, pathways and 300 houses would improve the natural woodland, or does he actually mean it will improve him and SCC financially?

It is time that we all woke up to this long-term, never ending, unsustainable house and road building, which does and will have a very real detrimental effect on the quality of life for the ordinary person and environment.

The evidence of large-scale uncontrolled development is all around us with longer NHS queues, lack of school places, increased taxes, lack of long-term jobs, huge increase in traffic, combined with loss of huge areas of arable farmland which is needed to feed the increasing population (the UK produces less than 60pc of the food it eats). There is nothing social or conscious about destroying our environment and it serves to improve the capital of developers only.

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