Reader letter: The same effect as NDR

Buxton Road, SPixworthPhoto:Sonya DuncanCopy:For: ENEDP pics © 2009(01603) 772434

Buxton Road, SPixworthPhoto:Sonya DuncanCopy:For: ENEDP pics © 2009(01603) 772434 - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2009

After reading your article about the effect that the closure of the Buxton Road, Spixworth, has had on traffic through our village, I would like to point out that this is precisely the effect that will occur, on a daily basis, after the NDR finally opens, as many people from Hainford, Frettenham, etc will use this road to access the NDR as it is their only way.

I have attended numerous exhibitions and presentations regarding the NDR and have noticed that the increase in traffic forecast to pass through Crostwick Lane after the opening of the NDR have, recently, been removed from the forecast charts at public exhibitions.

The increase in traffic through Spixworth today was considerable, as were the queues at the junction of Crostwick Lane and the North Walsham road.

This is precisely what I have been saying to several NDR reps at the various meetings. The closure of the road opposite Crostwick Lane, will have little effect on the high traffic volumes, as the vast majority of the traffic, especially in the mornings, turns right towards Norwich.

When I have put forward the logical suggestion that a set of traffic lights or, at least a mini-roundabout, be installed, I have been informed that there is no money for either and that they would only consider one or other of these suggestions, at some time in the future, if there had been a noticeable rise in the number of accidents at the junction.

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