Reader Letter: Brexit campaign misled electorate

Leave campaigners Boris Johnson, left, and Michael Gove. PHOTO: EMPICS Entertainment.

Leave campaigners Boris Johnson, left, and Michael Gove. PHOTO: EMPICS Entertainment. - Credit: EMPICS Entertainment

One reader believes that leave campaigners duped the public. What do you think?

In his pro-Brexit letter (June 13), David Ruggles concludes: 'Can people please accept the result of the Referendum and let us get on with something the majority voted for'.

Trouble is that the Brexit campaign misled the electorate with Alice in Wonderland pledges that have proved a fairy tale. They are not getting what they voted for.

Remember the promise of £350m a week going to the NHS instead of the EU? Not happening.

No 'divorce bill': It is going to cost us billions to leave.

And here some more 'promises':

EU trade: The 'exact same benefits' delivered as we currently have within the Single Market and Customs Union.

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Trade deal: Lots of new trade deals with new countries that are ready to sign on the day of our departure from the EU.

Northern Ireland: No changes to the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

United Kingdom: The integrity of the Union protected and made stronger.

Science: Science and research partnerships with the EU strengthened.

Immigration: A dramatic reduction in net migration while also keeping the UK open to the talent and skills that UK business needs.

Date: The UK will be fully out, including required ratification, in 2019.

If this sounds too good to be true, it's a measure of the fantastic claims made by the Leave side during the EU referendum. The British 'Leave' supporters were duped and the truth is now being laid bare.

Democracy demands we need to have another Referendum after government negotiations are concluded, when voters are not persuaded by fiction and clearly have the 'price' of leaving before us.

The question is simple: 'Leave or stay'.

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