Reader Letter: The cost of protests

Anti-Trump protest outside Norwich City Hall.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Anti-Trump protest outside Norwich City Hall.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

One reader thinks the cost of policing protests should be publicised. What do you think?

Paul Milner's letter (EN, July 16) regarding the futility of the demonstrations against Donald Trump's visit to the UK is spot on.

We all know that Trump is a bit of a maverick, pulls no punches, and is liked or disliked, depending on your point of view, as are the majority of politicians.

The one thing about the past few days that has annoyed me though, is the focus on the cost of policing the President's visit, with all the security issues that go with it.

But hardly a mention of the massive costs, of having to deploy huge numbers of police, to control the thousands of protesters, that have clogged up the streets in major cities, with their ineffectual actions.

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