Reader Letter: Should I buy my Christmas presents in the Boxing Day sales next year?

Christmas presents. Photo: Angela Sharpe

Christmas presents. Photo: Angela Sharpe - Credit: Archant © 2006

I would like to get advice from your readers on a problem that is both economic and personal, but is not one involving matters of the mind or body. If you are ready to help please look at this problem which involves Christmas presents for my beloved.

Much thought and searching occurred before December 25 (actually it was on Christmas Eve) as to what to buy.

Eventually the problem was solved, the credit card was dusted off and I went off to the shops.

There was a wonderful gift waiting to be bought.

Other smaller items had already been purchased, so I only had to buy the big present.

But lo and behold, a good fairy told me that on Boxing Day the same item was on sale at half the price.

My problem is what to do next year?

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Advice please.

Next December, would it be both loving and practical for me to obtain a big cardboard box, inside of which will be placed a photo of my intended present and then to wrap the box in seasonal paper?

This would all be handed over at present giving time.

On Boxing Day, the actual item will be bought with an added box of chocolates and then there will be smiles all round.


Both of us will gain I think, but what do other readers think?

Sam Morton, Grove Walk, Norwich