Reader Letter: Slow drivers cause problems too

One reader thinks slow drivers on the NDR cause problems. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

One reader thinks slow drivers on the NDR cause problems. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

One reader thinks the dangers of driving too slowly need to be acknowledged. Do you agree?

Call me cynical, but isn't it odd how the problem with the NDR (or whatever we call it now) turns out to be people driving too fast?

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, because just about every road accident, traffic problem, road layout, alien invasion, international crisis and probably Brexit turns out to be caused by people driving too fast. According to spokespersons, that is.

I don't include traffic police who are not in the hunt for promotion, because they know better. In fact, there was a time when police recommended driving as fast as was reasonable according to the conditions — they called it progressive driving — because it was safer and more considerate to others. That was before the money-making 'road safety' industry got its claws into us.

I have been driving in Norfolk for over 50 years, have never injured anyone and have a clean licence. And I can tell you the problem here (and in most other parts of the country) is people who drive too slowly.

Why? Because they think driving slowly means they're safe; so they don't concentrate and think they can do any number of other things at the same time. They never overtake, and so cause dangerous queues. And they frustrate other drivers, which can lead to fatigue and reckless behaviour.

The NDR might have been constructed to cause problems at the roundabouts and thus to hasten calls for speed cameras (never trust a driver who calls for speed cameras).

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There are too few warning signs, which means that the new, flat roundabouts catch people out, especially in bad light. Obviously the roundabouts will not be flat for ever (things grow), and will soon be obvious. People will get used to the layout. Don't panic, Pike.

And get a move on.

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