Reader Letter: Road tax for cyclists? How about a walking tax

We should be encouraged to cycle, says Margaret Todd. Picture: Bill Darnell

We should be encouraged to cycle, says Margaret Todd. Picture: Bill Darnell - Credit: EDP pics © 2003

A tax for cycling on the new cycle paths in Norwich? What a good idea. How about one for walking too?

Aren't footpaths built for walking and bridleways for horses? Any tax would have to be in proportion to the amount of wear and tear caused by cycling and of course a cycle takes up much less room and produces no pollution. How would it be enforced?

MORE: Reader Letter: Cyclists in Norwich should pay road taxThere is no such thing as road tax. There are several taxes on vehicles and fuel but this is not related to spending on the highway, whether it used for driving, riding or walking.

Anyone who pays taxes, including VAT, contributes to the pot from which our elected representatives decide how much to spend on highways.

More people are getting on their bikes, encouraged by new facilities in Norwich and thereby creating a cleaner and safer city. Good value, wherever the money comes from.

Margaret Todd, Norwich Cycling Campaign, Elm Grove Lane, Norwich

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