Reader letter: Road changes in Norwich have helped improve access for disabled people

St Stephens Street, August 1997.

St Stephens Street, August 1997.

It was reported in your paper that changes to how traffic uses Norwich have made it harder for the majority of people with disabilities to get around the city.

At a recent meeting held at city council Green councillors maintained that changes to Tombland, Magdalen Street and St Stephens may have put some disabled people off heading into the city. This is not true.

Since the recent changes to St Stephens (with it being made a traffic-free zone except buses and taxis) it is better for people like myself with mobility problems as it is easier to get across the road.

As for the recent changes to Tombland/Magdalen Street, Tombland is not a place where many people with disabilities would make a habit of heading to as this particular area is full of restaurants and places to eat out.

However, I do agree with councillor Hayes that when you have a big transport project consideration for people with disabilities should be an essential part of it.

Marcus Moore, Sprowston.