Reader letter: Proposed petrol station and restaurant complex at Postwick Hub would be a nightmare

Work on the Postwick Hub. Picture: Mike Page

Work on the Postwick Hub. Picture: Mike Page - Credit: Mike Page

I along with several other 'Postwickiens' and some from Brundall, went to a public presentationto see what we are going to have landed on our doorsteps next further to the proposed planning application, and there was a universal cry of 'what a nightmare' it would be.

Drive-through restaurants, a pub and petrol station have been proposed for Postwick Hub.

Can anyone imagine what chaos this is going to cause?

We in the village will not be able to get in or out, there will be traffic continuously going up the road, down the road, round the roundabout to get in or out of their destination, lighting from all relevant buildings will be on 24/7 so will resemble the Blackpool illuminations.

I asked the man who was (very bravely I have to say) answering questions: 'Why do they feel it necessary to build all this there?'

He said it was what was needed.

It was pointed out that we have a massive Sainsbury's and petrol station a quarter of a mile down the road.

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Surely it would be better to put it somewhere on the A47 between the Acle roundabout and Blofield heath bridge, where it would be more viable and would not disturb anyone.

The are so many horrendous developments going on in Postwick at the moment and this will be another nail in the coffin.

This must not be allowed to happen.

If it will affect you, or even if you care, please write and state your concerns to Broadland District Council Planning Department.

Nadine Parfitt, Cullings Hill, Postwick