Reader letter: Proposed Anglia Square redevelopment flies in the face of government’s duty to reduce air pollution

Pollution. Picture: Lewis Whyld/PA

Pollution. Picture: Lewis Whyld/PA - Credit: PA

Comments from John Litster of the Norwich Society concerning the proposed redevelopment of Anglia Square, suggesting the removal of the flyover, fly in the face of the government's legal duty to reduce air pollution in our inner city areas.

Norwich has a serious problem with air pollution caused, in part, by motor vehicles. To consider redeveloping a somewhat rundown area with high density commercial and house building, with its resulting massive increase in traffic, is sheer lunacy. In order to actually reduce air pollution the area should be traffic free, preferably a green open space, providing an oasis of calm in a pollution free environment.

Removal of the flyover would only exacerbate the existing pollution problem by causing traffic congestion at the Magdalen Street intersection as well as at the nearby St Augustines roundabout. Rather, the flyover could be extended over the St Augustines roundabout to reduce congestion there, ensuring that traffic can move freely along the inner link road.