Reader Letter: Postwick Hub problems will only get worse

The Postwick Hub junction as it is readied for opening. Picture by Mike Page

The Postwick Hub junction as it is readied for opening. Picture by Mike Page - Credit: Mike Page

The Postwick Hub is a strong contender for the worst-designed junction ever built.

At the 2013 planning inquiry, it was shown to be the poorest value for money for any recent UK road scheme as it would increase journey times. Norfolk County Council, with the support of Norwich, Broadland and South Norfolk Councils, promoted Postwick Hub because they were intent on forcing it through as the first stage of the NDR.

One fundamental design flaw is that two major streams of traffic from the NDR and A47 east will converge on a complex signalised junction, with only short link roads to accommodate the flows before tailbacks set in. Traffic from the A47 east travelling to east Norwich is already causing tailbacks just five months after opening.

The worst is yet to come.

Huge amounts of additional traffic will pour in from the NDR (32,000 vehicles daily from 2018, rising to 43,000 in 2033) and from new business parks and 10,000 new dwellings nearby.

We will see more car commuting from Great Yarmouth because future new office employment for Great Yarmouth is expected to locate in Norwich, close to the airport.

Norfolk County Council's plans for a £100m tunnel under the A11/Thickthorn roundabout would increase traffic on the Southern Bypass and Postwick Hub. At the public inquiry, Norfolk County Council agreed that Postwick Hub would cause delays and some drivers would enter Norwich via alternative routes. This is already happening, with drivers using Carrow Road, Blofield Heath, Salhouse Road and Plumstead Road in order to avoid Postwick Hub.

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Both the Tories before 2013 and the Labour/UKIP/Lib Dem Alliance since, have poured public money into this scheme and the NDR.

Considerably more scarce public funds will have to be spent over the coming years to ameliorate, if at all possible, the mess they have created.

The public will have the chance to hold local politicians to account over the Postwick Hub fiasco in next year's county council elections.

• Councillor Denise Carlo, Green Party, Nelson ward, Norwich.

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