Reader Letter: Plastic polluting our countryside

Rubbish on a beach. PHOTO: PA

Rubbish on a beach. PHOTO: PA - Credit: PA

One reader thinks reduction over recycling is the way to go in the future of plastics. What do you think?

As a boy I used to holiday at West Runton in a caravan when the beaches and countryside were rubbish and plastic free (Happier times?).

It is reported that the centre of the Pacific Ocean contains one hundred thousand tons of indestructible debris floating around destroying wildlife and livelihoods.

Our countryside, beaches and roadsides are polluted, contaminated and made ugly by the tons of plastic bottles bags and other rubbish carelessly discarded.

Luxury products such as shampoos and conditioners contain plastic beads which eventually end up in sewer processing works, then where? Probably the water courses already under pressure.

Supermarkets are making efforts to reduce the use of plastics. Is there any point or reason to recycle plastics when this costs energy, effort and they still exist for up to one thousand years? They will end up polluting our precious environment indefinitely. No one knows the ecological effect of degradation over hundreds of years.

It is reported a bacteria has been discovered that 'digests' plastics and can be applied to rubbish landfill sites etcetera. It seems logical that there is an urgent strategy to phase out plastic and find eco friendly alternatives which are available.

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Recognising that plastics have a use and are important in our lives, plastic use should be rationalised, reduced and phased out as intelligent research comes up with better products.

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