Reader letter: Parking leads to safety fears on Long John Hill

Long John Hill Photo: Bill Smith

Long John Hill Photo: Bill Smith

The city side of Long John Hill is one of the only stretches of unrestricted parking within the ring road, even though it is a major route into the city from the south.

There have always been cars parked all the way down the downhill lane, presumably by city workers or shoppers trying to avoid car park charges.

However, the past few weeks have seen a sudden surge of cars parked all the way from the ring road to the top of the hill on the uphill side of the road, parked half on the pavement, probably for the same reason.

This has reduced Long John Hill to a single lane road causing chaos and long hold-ups, especially during busy morning and evening periods. Of particular concern is the safety of children coming from the Lakenham Estate to Lakenham Primary School on City Road, who have to negotiate cars parked on the pavement all the way up the hill.

Rule 244 of the Highway Code expressly forbids parking on the pavement where it can obstruct and seriously inconvenience pedestrians, people in wheelchairs, or people with prams or pushchairs.

This is notwithstanding the inconvenience to motorists being gridlocked at the top or bottom of the hill waiting for the road to clear.

This road clearly needs double yellow lines on the uphill side.

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