Reader Letter: Parking costs at the N&N caused ‘added stress and hardship’ to my time in hospital

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Picture: Jeremy Durkin

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Picture: Jeremy Durkin - Credit: PA

The powers-that-be built a hospital that was not big enough to cope with an ageing population, many of whom retire to our lovely Norfolk. Why didn't anyone see this coming? The closure of many small hospitals has meant there is nowhere to discharge the elderly when on the road to recovery.

Also, there are the many new patients from Europe who have made Norfolk their home. By the time the debt is repaid for the build, it will be time to build another hospital.

I do not mind paying to park when visiting as an outpatient, but just recently I was an inpatient for 10 days.

My husband visited me twice a day and living 25 miles away with fuel costs too, the already stretched budget came under strain.

For many poorer families visiting their loved ones for much longer periods of time this can cause a lot of added stress and hardship.

I only hope the extra revenue from the new parking charges and the millions raised already will go towards paying off the debt.

Maybe the shareholders could also take smaller dividends to help the more vulnerable people in society.

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Sonia Bryer, Searle Close, Fakenham