Reader letter: Some issues with Norwich life

Gentleman's Walk in, Norwich. Photo by Simon Finlay.

Gentleman's Walk in, Norwich. Photo by Simon Finlay. - Credit: Archant Norfolk

This reader thinks some things need to improve when it comes to life in Norwich.

I was impressed that the EDP allowed Valerie Slaughter to write her thoughts on the decline of Norwich as a Fine City.

I agree that the constant roadworks are a nuisance to the general public.

I feel there is more to it though. This council is constantly spending millions on new projects that always seem to need repairing shortly after completion.

The main beneficiary seems to be Tarmac whose profits are steadily rising each year. I think that if the council held back from new projects they would not need to increase the amounts they are taking from ordinary members of the public.

Mention of the Lord Mayor's Parade always makes me wonder if it should be stopped, when one considers the extra cost of workmen putting up street barriers and the more costly price of the extra police.

It is also disappointing that someone is suggesting that we should have a Sunday Car Free Day in the city for the sake of the environment. All very commendable but will the council not miss the revenue from the car parks for that day? Or will they suddenly add a bit more to our council tax? More importantly what about the loss of trade to the city shops? It's naive to think that shoppers would still go into the city. Many Sunday shoppers do so because it is their only free day to go into the city.

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What happened to the plan to give councillors a massive pay rise in order to encourage younger people to become councillors with more clear thoughts?

I wonder if the extra 10.4pc being diverted from our council tax will result in extra police patrolling our streets or will it just give the Police and Crime Commissioner an extra pay rise?

Let's see an end to all this wild throwing about of budget money until we have good steady amount available for important projects. Of course it would be nice to see the money given by the government to finally be used to repair all the pot holes that disgrace city roads.