READER LETTER: Do we really need a Norwich Western Link?

The options for the Western Link. Pic: Norfolk County Council.

The options for the Western Link. Pic: Norfolk County Council. - Credit: Norfolk County Council

Is the economic development which Bill Borrett wants to encourage with a Norwich Western Link really so desirable?

Big roads encourage more traffic and do we really want to see houses, food hubs and waste-processing stations carpeting the countryside from Norwich to Dereham, Aylsham and North Walsham?

It is also far from certain that the road would take substantial traffic from the city (the county has yet to provide evidence) and if congestion is the concern, surely the Honingham/Mattishall roundabout is the top priority.

What is certain is that an NWL would degrade the unspoilt Wensum Valley forever, and undoubtedly lead to further development along it that Mr Borrett appears to favour.

We need the 'modal shift' which was a stated objective of the whole project; that means offering a non-car method of travel, and this can only be an efficient bus service across the area. But none was included in the consultation, thus breaking the promise which Martin Wilby (chairman of the transport committee) gave to the Liaison Group of local parishes.

We need to save the Wensum Valley for future generations, not ruin it with inappropriate developments. Norfolk County Council needs to spend money — far less than the £2m being committed for this year's work on a road option — on planning an effective and attractive bus service, both in Norwich and the Wensum Valley area.

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