Reader letter: Another year of no progress on Anglia Square



As usual when we approach the end of yet another year the local people who live in and around the Magdalen Street and Anglia Square area look back at the last 12 months and analyse the changes and progress made during that time.

The answer is as it has been for many years now; more or less nothing apart from the grand plans annually announced followed by nothing happening. In other words, talking the talk but not doing the walk.

As usual about this time of year more grand schemes are talked about by our council and the owners for the coming year but as usual the word crops up that will stop these schemes ever starting, let alone going on to completion, and that word is money and where and from whom it will come from.

The owners and the council have no money and the government will, as normal, promise the possibility of some money but that, as usual, will be delayed and put on the back burner.

My own forecast for the Anglia Square area next year are yet more grand plans made public but nothing set in stone and work starting. For many years to come there will be even less money available to make a start. Our only hope is that either the Chinese and Arab banks see the great potential prospects that this area can offer them if they make the investment needed.