Reader Letter: Modern homes are for battery humans

Riverside flats in King Street, Norwich. PHOTO: DENISE BRADLEY

Riverside flats in King Street, Norwich. PHOTO: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2016

One reader thinks the quality of new-builds in the city leaves a lot to be desired. What do you think?

Many years from now when the inhabitants of Norwich look back at the buildings we have built over the past few years there will be few of them that come up to the standard of the ones our own ancestors left us.

If the EDP is still published then and has a Derek James type column, any pictures concerning old Norwich will still be the ones published today because none of the new buildings today will stand the test of time and will have long gone.

Nearly all the Riverside projects look as though they have been built from the same mould, identical, boring houses and apartments with the now mandatory odd trees and grass plots to break up the concrete to make the sale photographs look good.

Some of the houses there could have been built using bricks and flint that would look good and last for years.

Instead of having square and rectangular shaped buildings, some could have been circular and other unorthodox shapes that would make them stand out from the rest.

Across Riverside and other parts of Norwich most of the new builds look like battery hen accommodation, not for chickens but for humans.

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There would not be a problem of cost for these new designed houses as we now see more and more people from London coming here to live and it would not affect the numbers of affordable houses built in Norwich as there are so few being built today.

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