Reader letter: Monster build in Anglia Square will be a blot on Norwich

What the new homes in Anglia Square could look like. Pic: Lawrie Cornish.

What the new homes in Anglia Square could look like. Pic: Lawrie Cornish. - Credit: Archant

To improve the view from more homes around the outskirts of Norwich, UK Power Networks last week confirmed they will put electricity cables underground and remove 11 pylons from the Trowse area (EDP, May 26).

Last year UK Power Networks removed 15 tall pylons that gave residents in Earlham and Bowthorpe a poor outlook from their homes.

This work is commendable and to quote Norwich City Councillor, Bert Bremner, removing pylons 'will have a positive impact on the landscape' (EDP, February 11).

Contrast this with Bremner's statement of a few weeks ago (EDP, March 15) that while he 'would prefer lower levels to be built' he would not be 'totally against' a 25-storey tower block, as developers announced such a monster as part of the redevelopment of Anglia Square — omitting they also plan to erect 14 additional towers of between nine and 12 floors, all of which will be taller than and overshadow every other building in the surrounding area and resemble a fortress.

If Councillor Bremner believes removing tall pylons has 'a positive impact on the landscape' how can he appear not to care about the negative impact a 25-storey tower and the other towers proposed for Anglia Square will have on the overall historic townscape of Norwich.No earlier generations of citizens or councillors has thought for one moment that destroying the centuries-old uninterrupted views of Norwich Cathedral tower and spire enjoyed from many parts of the city would be a good thing to do.

So why does Councillor Bremner and others on the Planning Committee imagine they have an omnipotent right to do just that. Are they mad?

It is time the city council put in place a city-wide Strategic Views document that protects the townscape of this fabulous city and identifies places for well-designed future enhancements, before it is destroyed by uninterested developers, insensitive architects, inept streetscape designers and careless councillors.