Reader Letter: Make drivers park and ride in Norwich

Sprowston Park and Ride near Norwich. Picture: Steve Adams

Sprowston Park and Ride near Norwich. Picture: Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

Some correspondents seem ready to point the finger at County Hall traffic planning as though the design of the roads was the cause of traffic pollution and congestion.

Cycling down Magdalen Road in the morning, there are long tailbacks of cars, buses and vans (repeated on many of the routes into the city).

I could not help noticing that in nearly every car, all with their engines running, there was only one occupant, the driver, and the buses had many spare seats.

So I have a simple solution; all car drivers, unless disabled, should use park and ride and make use of all those empty seats on the buses.

This would dramatically reduce traffic congestion and pollution and leave more room for delivery vans and essential and emergency services, such as ambulances.

The thought of cycling into the city without breathing lungfuls of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide would transform Norwich from a city with a high pollution level into the Fine City it claims to be, and massively increase people's life expectancy and health into the bargain. We have become a society addicted to cars, from shopping at supermarkets to school runs.

A recent study showed that there are 40,000 deaths a year related to pollution.

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What kind of future does this offer for young people?

P J Offord, Norwich