Reader Letter: Is this a cheap solution to Norwich’s seagull problem?

Seagulls around Norwich Market. Picture : ANTONY KELLY

Seagulls around Norwich Market. Picture : ANTONY KELLY - Credit: copyright ARCHANT 2017

Having returned from a recent trip to Norway, I noticed that on a lot of flats and high buildings they had bird scarers, as used by farmers in this region.

They consist of 'hawk lookalikes' suspended from cord on long fibreglass poles.

MORE: Norwich woman fed up of seagulls' 'hysterical shrieking' calls for council to take actionThese twist and turn in the slightest breeze and were used to deter seagulls.

Could this help the council and residents who are plagued by seagulls and are maybe a cheap solution?

R Harris, Manor Cottage, Brandon Parva

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