Reader letter: Illuminate the NDR roundabouts

There have been a lot of concerns over the roundabouts on the Broadland Northway also known as the N

There have been a lot of concerns over the roundabouts on the Broadland Northway also known as the NDR. Pic: Lauren De Boise. - Credit: Archant

This reader would like to see the roundabouts on Norwich's NDR illuminated for safety reasons.

Yet another plea to our road planning councillors!

When will we see an element of common sense used by our road planners, if they posses such a thing, concerning the full size roundabouts on the Northern Distributor route?

They seem hellbent on wasting our hard earned taxes on silly, so-called safety measures, like dotted lines and even more signage, when it's quite obvious the only sensible solution is to bite the bullet and illuminate these dark death-traps properly, so they can be seen from a distance by drivers driving at the standard speed for a dual carriageway.

Why then is it that the powers that be believe that when we have tiny roundabouts, like the one on Salhouse Road, Salhouse, and the one near the Sole and Heel public house at Rackheath, which are well-lit with street lights, they can leave these full size obstacles in total darkness, on even faster and busier major roads like the NDR?

Common sense should tell them that, sooner or later, there will be an almighty accident between larger vehicles and many lives will be lost, as this is an accident waiting to happen! And when it does it will be no good everyone saying 'we told you so' for those that perish!

So, please use some common sense and finish the job properly, similar to that which is on the southern side of our city. Please!

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