Reader Letter: Suggestions to improve the NDR

File photo of a NDR roundabout at Wroxham Road. Picture: David Hannant

File photo of a NDR roundabout at Wroxham Road. Picture: David Hannant - Credit: Archant

One reader has a suggestion for how to make the NDR better. What do you think?

Further the various letters regarding the NDR roundabouts, I would like to make my contribution to the debate. I have been a driver since 1963 and I feel that I have a reasonable take on the issue.

The NDR road is great, but there are two issues which I have recognised which I think could be improved.

Firstly, the directional arrows on the roundabouts are too far to the left, in my opinion, they should appear further to the right so they can be seen way back as you approach the roundabout at speed, this would improve the warning that you will have to slow down and go left, not when you are already on the roundabout.

Secondly, may I suggest to the planners that they delete the lane lines on say one roundabout as a test for one month, this would show that drivers do not need to be channelled into such tight lanes.

If you have a single line in the middle of the road then as you go around the roundabout drivers will approach and negotiate the roundabout according to which exit they want.

The lanes as they are currently are laid out and give no room for error and drivers are using the lanes to pass on the inside as well as going all the way around the outside lane in order to turn off on a much later exit.

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I think my suggestion is worth a month's trial run.

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