Reader Letter: I’ve decided to be younger

One reader thinks you can slow the effects of aging if you think young. PHOTO: Getty Images

One reader thinks you can slow the effects of aging if you think young. PHOTO: Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

One reader thinks attitude is a factor in aging. What do you think?

I was born with the NHS, my first two jobs were with the NHS: Norfolk Ambulance Service and nursing assistant at Dereham Hospital.

I go to bed early and rise early: early to bed, early to rise, makes a man (person) healthy wealthy and wise. My wealth is not material but in the richness of experience and relationships spanning decades.

Neuroscientists have established that a young at heart approach to life encourages a younger mind, heart, soul and body. Those who say they feel younger have the characteristics including more 'little grey cells' in their brains, and do better in memory and other tests. Such people have the qualities of younger people.

I take a leaf out of Coronation Street's actor Ken Roach, although I am chronologically a few hours older than when I went to bed I am (have decided to be) in fact younger.

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Research has shown that when those who feel younger lead more varied and active lives. Their brains age slower, deteriorate less rapidly and are healthier.

I keep comparatively young and active by having a regular but varied week, sleep and eat well, having fun, a reasonable social life and volunteering.

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I hope you will publish this letter to encourage people of all ages and 'conditions' to evaluate their lifestyle and enjoy and appreciate their lives, community and relationships.

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