Reader letter: We’re hoping to reconnect with old friends from Hainford

A former Norwich couple now living in Paphos are keen to make contact with former friends. Picture:

A former Norwich couple now living in Paphos are keen to make contact with former friends. Picture: PA - Credit: PA

Do you remember Justen and Lynne Karlsson? They're hoping to get back in touch with some old friends from Norwich.

Myself and my wife left our home in Hainford, Norwich in 2010 to live in Luxor, Egypt.

The climate suited us and the people were warm and friendly. Then came the first Revolution, and things changed dramatically, this was followed by a second Revolution and just as we thought things could not get any worse they did, poverty among the local Egyptians is now widespread.

To us we found it hard to see children starving, and their parents looking downtrodden. So we decided to move and started visa application forms to go to our daughter's home in Cairns, Australia, we were almost complete when the English pound plummeted on the Brexit vote. The pound against the Australian dollar also went up and for a retired couple it made it too expensive to move.

We looked then at other cheaper places to go to so we could enjoy warm climates and find ourselves plenty to. We decided on Paphos, Cyprus. We have been in Paphos now 15 months and enjoy everything about it. There are two main seasons, summer and winter, the climate really suits us and our lives have changed from being bored to doing things most nights. We seem to have reverted to teenagers again.

Paphos has a high number of ex-pats, who we have met a few and enjoy an active social life. I have lost a lot of contact with people in Norwich due to me forgetting to back up my contact files when we moved to Paphos and would like to remake contact and keep in touch with Norwich life.

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So if anyone remembers us from eight years ago I would really like to be in contact again. Most of my work was in London, however I did work at Norwich Electrical and Eyre Electrical. My contact e-mail is

Justen and Lynne Karlsson