Reader Letter: Fond memories of ‘the chicken run’ on Prince of Wales Road

Prince of Wales Road at Foundry Bridge. Dated 26 March 1985

Prince of Wales Road at Foundry Bridge. Dated 26 March 1985

How many of you can remember 'the chicken run', so named by the local boys and girls?

It was on Prince of Wales Road, and it was here where young people walked up and down getting to know others from different parts of the city. It cost nothing, unless you had a cup of tea in the Blue Bat Café just off the main run. Then there were the dances in Chapelfield Gardens. A voluntary band played every Monday and the young people came from all over Norwich.

They would rock and roll or do the Palli Glide. The band would finish at 9.30pm, when the revellers gradually dispersed and made their way home.

Not forgetting the battlements on the Castle Museum, where young lads would walk around trying to get the chance to talk to a young lady. Now Prince of Wales Road and the beautiful Chapelfield Gardens are no-go areas at night.

These places gave more pleasure to the young ones than you can begin to imagine.

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