Reader Letter: Clive Lewis wants referendum on final Brexit deal but what will the alternative be?

Labour's Clive Lewis. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Labour's Clive Lewis. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

You report Clive Lewis is asking his party leadership to offer a referendum on whether to accept the terms of any agreement reached with the EU.

What is disingenuously missing from that request is what will the alternative be if it is rejected in the referendum?

MORE: Norwich South MP Clive Lewis wants voters to have referendum on final Brexit dealWill it be to leave anyway with no deal or, as I suspect he really means, to remain in the EU?

If it is the former our negotiating hand will be considerably strengthened, if the latter, then our whole negotiating position will be hopelessly undermined and encourage the EU to play hard ball.

G P Brown, Bowthorpe Road, Norwich