Reader letter: ‘Castle Meadow has been turned into a bus station’

25 and 25A bus departing Castle Meadow. Photo: Steve Adams

25 and 25A bus departing Castle Meadow. Photo: Steve Adams - Credit: Archant

Our council seem to have a bottomless pit of money when it comes to moving or altering roads in the city but they seem to lack any understanding of the air pollution which prevails around Castle Meadow.

Castle Meadow used to be a delightful area but now has been turned into a 'bus station' where masses of diesel fumesare pumped into the air by the scores of buses which now use the road.

Perhaps the time has come for council bosses to look at eliminating diesel vehicles from the city centre and investing in transportation for the city centre, which doesn't require the internal combustion engine and in particular, diesel engines.

The Rev Barry Furness, Alderfen Way, Hoveton

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