Reader Letter: The pavements aren’t safe

A reader thinks that the pavements in Norwich aren't safe. Photo: Sonya Duncan

A reader thinks that the pavements in Norwich aren't safe. Photo: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Sonya Duncan

One reader thinks obstructed pavements pose a danger. What do you think?

Many times in Norwich we have seen inconsiderate parking of vehicles on the pavement, causing for example mothers with prams and young children having to go onto a dangerous road to negotiate the obstruction.

I would like to add my experience concerning the dangerous life of a pedestrian in Norwich.

Having spent a pleasant Saturday afternoon at the theatre watching the wonderful musical Miss Saigon my partner and I almost became motor vehicle casualties on the pavement.

Whilst walking past the Travelodge on Queens Road we were alerted to the sound of a taxi driving on the pavement behind us causing us to jump out of the way as he was not about to stop.

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After a few choice words you don't hear in the Bible we could see he could not be bothered waiting in the taxi rank queue and wanted to make a quick get away.

Do any of your readers know which part of the Highway Code this manoeuvre belongs to and what evasive action is recommended?

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