Reader letter: Car-free city would be dream come true

Guildhall Hill. Photo: Antony Kelly

Guildhall Hill. Photo: Antony Kelly - Credit: © ARCHANT NORFOLK PHOTOGRAPHIC

Reading the article: 'Should Norwich become car-free? Campaign launched by man living with lung condition', I thought another contribution might be useful. As with Matt White, I too have a lung condition susceptible to bad air pollution: COPD.

For that reason and to minimise any worsening of the condition, I avoid going to Norwich at all costs. I have to say I support Matt White completely.

Avoidance of Norwich for the past four years has meant backing out of a great deal of voluntary work, mainly for the Norfolk disability rights organisation Equal Lives, including serving on the board of trustees.

In addition, it has meant an inability to attend meetings for all kinds of consultations: ie NHS; County Council; City Council; MIND; STD; Human Rights; Unite; Unison; political events etc and a loss of theatre, music and general social events.

I am a member of the British Lung Foundation and I would like to see more pressure from such as them to deal with this serious and potentially deadly problem, not only locally and nationally, but worldwide.

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