Reader Letter: Bring back Norwich’s blooming marvellous roundabouts

Norwich with a splash of floral colour on the day judges came to the city for the Communities in Blo

Norwich with a splash of floral colour on the day judges came to the city for the Communities in Bloom competition. Poppies at St Stephens roundabout.PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY - Credit: SIMON FINLAY

When I first moved to Norfolk 56 years ago from the West Country my family and I were impressed with Norwich as a very 'fine' city with its wonderful medieval churches, quaint lanes, amazing cathedral and superb shopping facilities.

One of the notable features of this East Anglian gem were the beautiful roundabouts found throughout Norwich.

They seemed to exude the proudness of the citizens for their city and certainly added to the attractiveness of Norwich. Now unfortunately no more.

Many of the roundabouts now are just unattractive circles of grassland often unkempt and covered with advertising signs.

One of the most disappointing is the roundabout at the top of St Stephen's.

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For two weeks a year it takes on the appearance of a wild flower meadow but for the rest of the year it just looks quite unattractive.

As one of the first roundabouts visitors would see on entering our fine city why is this like it is?

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Surely a more formal, well tended roundabout like the one at Chapelfield would be more inviting — especially in this important city setting.

And to have a wild flower meadow with sub tropical palms around the edge seems also a little crazy to me!

All I ask is for the horticulturists responsible to put their thinking hats on and improve this eyesore in order for Norwich to regain its fitting title of a 'fine' city once again.

Chris Clements, Kensington Close, Saxlingham Nethergate

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