Reader Letter: Brexit may be an own goal so good luck Delia

One reader praises Delia Smith for her opposition of Brexit. What do you think? Photo: Yui Mok/PA Wi

One reader praises Delia Smith for her opposition of Brexit. What do you think? Photo: Yui Mok/PA Wire - Credit: PA

One reader thinks there should be a second referendum on Brexit and praises Delia Smith for her support of The People's Vote campaign. What do you think?

Let's be having a round of applause for Delia Smith (EN, October 17) who is forsaking her beloved Norwich City and going to London to attend the People's Vote March. She has even laid on a free coach and is concretely putting her money where her mouth is in that, yes believe it or not, there are more important things than football.

She is correct too that Brexit is indeed a kamikaze action spearheaded by right-wing ideological Brexiteer MPs whose privileged life style will not take a direct hit if our economy does suffer as a result.

I cannot conceive of an issue that has caused so much division, trouble and downright mendacity in the

last two years.

Even if we escape the abyss of a No Deal Brexit, there will still be myriad issues to resolve for the foreseeable. Yes the EU does need reforming but not by churlishly leaving and our world is in such a febrile and fragile state, that countries should indeed unite together and not go it alone in this fashion.

I agree entirely that there should be another vote, because we all have had time to reflect and as she states are much better informed. She is right too that our leaders have made a consummate mess of this and now the public need to have their democratic say again.

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I so admire her passion for this divisive matter which I share completely and always have. It is such folly to marginalise ourselves at this pivotal moment in history and there is certainly no shame in having a sensible rethink.

With all our inherent domestic problems as well, scoring an own goal on Brexit would not be the icing on the cake but literally throwing it into the bin.

Good luck, Delia. Placing your head about the football stadium has never been more needed and if there is any justice in the world Norwich will have a resounding win as well.

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