Reader Letter: Airport service is a highlight for Norwich

Norwich Airport. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Norwich Airport. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2017

I'm so happy Norwich Airport is in the top 30 for assisting disabled and people who need assistance.I have found over the past few years quite a few people rush into the airport to check in only to find out they ask for assistance and a wheelchair.

MORE: Norwich Airport rated tops for disabled passenger servicesI also see this when we land at our destination. Then we see them rush to get on and off the coach, to and from the hotels, rush for the sun loungers, also meal times – it's like watching the 100 metres dash!

It's taking away from people who do need real help.

I feel airports should make sure they have a hospital or doctor's note.

Mark Read, Bowers Avenue, Norwich