‘What a sad day for the city’- People react to the closure of the Colman’s Mustard factory in Norwich

Union members striking at Colman's over pension changesPhoto: Bill Smith

Union members striking at Colman's over pension changesPhoto: Bill Smith - Credit: Bill Smith - Archant

Colman's decision to move mustard production out of Norwich after 160 years has been met with sadness on social media.


It is understood production of the famous condiment will move to Burton-on-Trent and Germany. All 113 jobs at the Carrow Works site will be affected and 50 people could be made redundant.

Following the news of the closure people used social media to express sadness at the decision.

MORE: Norwich Colman's Mustard factory to close with production moving out of Norfolk@s4rahp tweeted: 'This is so sad. Colman's of Norwich is iconic, terrible news of yet more people losing their jobs too.'

@_pjw_ tweeted: 'My dad made mustard for 35 years at Colman's. Looks like he retired just at the right time two-years-ago. Sad loss of our cultural heritage.'


@_paulharrison wrote: Such sad news as the end of an era with the closure of Colman's in Norwich.'

@PaperLion123 tweeted: 'Pretty despicable and further erosion of the city's unique identity.'

And James Wright, the Liberal Democrat group leader at Norwich City Council, tweeted: 'This is a tragedy, not only for the workers who will lose their jobs, but also for our city as the Colman's brand is such a key part of what Norwich is known for.'

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There was a similar sentiment on Facebook.


Moira Granger wrote: 'How can Colman's Mustard be made anywhere else? Sad day for Norwich.'

Michelle Hammond said: 'So sad. Don't like mustard but Colman's of Norwich will be no more. Another piece of our history gone.'

Vivienne Butler said: 'Colman's are Norwich. Like salt and pepper, horse and carriage. Norwich and Colman's.'

And Margaret Crovitz wrote: 'To me, Colman's will always mean Norwich. After the lovely Colman's shop closed, it was the beginning of the end. What a sad day for the city.'


While part of the production will move out of the county, mustard seeds will be milled at a new facility in Norwich, co-run with local farmers.

Around 43 roles will transfer to Burton-on-Trent and the remaining 20 will go to the new milling plant.

Once production of the famous product leaves Norwich, it will break a link dating back more than 200 years.