Rabbits rescued from rat-infested shed near Norwich after owner taken ill

Animal welfare workers have been at a shed near Norwich today to rescue more than 40 rabbits after their elderly owner was taken ill.

PACT Animal Sanctuary was contacted by the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital on behalf of a patients in his 70s who is understood to have had a stroke. He told nurses he had about 30 rabbits that had not been fed for two days.

The man handed his keys over to charity last night and gave workers directions to the dilapidated shed at Horsford.

They arrived last night and rescued about 20, before returning today for the rest.

George Rockingham, of PACT Animal Sanctuary, said: 'There were at least 40 rabbits kept in boxes on the floor and in filing cabinets. One was in a wet cardboard box.

'Most of the animals were in reasonable condition but had obviously never been out of the place. There was plenty of food but no water and they were very thirsty. The place was totally rat-infested and some of the animals had rat bites.'

The animals will now be taken to the sanctuary at Woodrising, near Hingham, and cared for, before being rehomed.

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But Mr Rockingham said the cost of keeping them for six months could reach between �3,000 and �4,000, including �1,000 for myxomatosis injections alone, and appealed for donations to help look after them.

For the full story, see Monday's Evening News.