Pupils are inspired after meeting popular author

Author Ben Scott at Angel Road Junior School. Ben with puils, left to right, Michal Ramabulana, 8, A

Author Ben Scott at Angel Road Junior School. Ben with puils, left to right, Michal Ramabulana, 8, Archie Manton, 9, Alise Rozenberga, 9, Hannah Barnard, 8, Ava Wakefield, 7, and Brandon Alden, 9.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Children at Angel Road Junior School have been given the chance to become intergalactic fighters after a surprise visit from a popular children's author.

Ben Scott is the lead author on the ghost-written Max Chase Starfighters series and he worked with children in Years 3 and 4 to inspire them to write their own stories.

He also spoke about how to improve their story writing skills.

The visit is part of the school's book week with another Norwich based author, Helen Moss, also providing a visit to Years 5 and 6.

Mr Scott was impressed with the children's ideas and inspired them to be enthusiastic with their reading and writing.

'It went really well,' he said. 'The kids were full of energy and were given the chance to become Starfighters themselves in a special assembly.

'The books are set 3000 years into the future and include three cadets from intergalactic forces who have the most amazing spaceship.'

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Mr Scott currently lives in Norwich with his wife after studying history at the UEA.

After graduating, he worked in advertising as an account manager before making the transition to becoming a copywriter.

Mr Scott said: 'This is the biggest school group I have worked with and it means a great deal. To be able to engage with children and get reminded of what it's like at their age was great.

'I spend a lot of time sitting at home writing so it is very rewarding.'

Vicky Lubbock co-ordinates the book week and is also the literacy organiser.

She said: 'We tend to invite authors in because it engages the children. They loved finding out about the story writing process and the tools they can use for their own stories. I think all of them came out wanting to be authors.

'It inspires their imagination, which is where I feel children are lacking. With things like computer games, everything is on a plate for them. Picking up a book allows them to paint a picture of what things look like.'

Pupil Hannah Barnard, eight, said: 'It really inspired me to write my own stories when I'm older.'

Ava Wakefield, seven, added: 'I enjoyed doing the planning and writing.'

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