Pump up the volume on fashion

Oversized styles hit the new fashion collections as it's time to cocoon yourself into autumn, says Emma Harrowing.

Cocoon jackets and coats are the shape of fashion this autumn. Inspired by this season's love of 1960s style, draped designs with dropped armholes are set to rival the curvy silhouette seen in many other trends for autumn and winter.

And it's a look that is set to still be on the fashion radar next summer. Topshop Unique was one of many collections showcased with other spring and summer collections at London Fashion Week that included oversized tunic tops and jackets.

The look is easy to wear and a tad more comfortable than the more rigid tailored blazers or belted coats that can look like you are a sack of potatoes if you don't wear them correctly. But here in lies a warning – wear the cocoon trend in the wrong way and you could look a size bigger than you actually are.

Yes, this look can hide a multitude of sins, yes, it can hide that tummy or that muffin top, but if you are going to wear volume on your top half you need to slim down your bottom half.

This notion is simple. If you want to wear trousers or jeans with a high volume top or jacket look for slim cuts, straight cigarette pants, skinny or straight jeans that will neaten up your look.

If you want to wear a dress or a skirt make sure it is the same length as your cocoon coat and put on some tights and boots to bring the look into autumn. Alternatively if you are wearing an oversized jumper or blouse wear with a pencil skirt.

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If you wear volume with volume you will look like you are wearing someone else's clothes or worse still look like a throw back to MC Hammer.

You may want to pump up the volume when it comes to your wardrobe this season, but save the 1980s baggy style for another day.